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Mumbai, Delhi and Me

Mumbai to Delhi: it’s been a fascinating journey. I’ve been a pakka Mumbaikar all my life—traveling in the crowded local trains daily from Borivli to Santacruz from the age of ten, munching the mouth watering vada pav at every possible … Continue reading

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Kids, Technology and Distraction

  Affluence, gadgets, and technology—these have a profound effect on our kids today. Our days were different—very different. We played hide and seek, catch and cook, dog and the bone, seven tiles, cricket, football. And we also climbed trees. With … Continue reading

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Get On That Bus Now

  “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up someplace else.”  — Berra, Yogi I liken this quote to us traveling by a public bus in any city, be it the B.E.S.T buses in Mumbai or the … Continue reading

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The City Paradigm

  What I’ve been hearing again and again over the last few years: If we genuinely want to see change in the nation, we need to see the cities influenced first. Three years ago, I moved to Delhi to help start … Continue reading

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