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Can I control my anger?

After much deliberation I have finally launched a video series called “Samir’s Nuggets”. This is going to be two minute tips to a better life. I am hoping this will be a blessing to many Do subscribe to the YouTube … Continue reading

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Striving for beyond

As we enter the New Year, the focus tends to move to “resolutions” and what we need to strive for in the coming year. The bigger question however is “Are you striving for beyond?” Have a good look at the … Continue reading

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The Deokuliar Journey – 2015

Another year has gone by. And it’s an opportunity for us to thank the Lord and the many people who have played a part in our journey as a family, as well as individually in our respective endeavors. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Looking For Freedom?

Looking for freedom? Freedom is a much talked about topic today—a desire and a destination. Everyone wants it, everyone seeks it, but do we really know what it is? Our attempts can often be external, superficial or misguided. Through this … Continue reading

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Urban Confusion

A few days in Shimla were the right inspiration to get back to sketching. After decades I got down to doing this pencil and charcoal work. I am posting this and my future sketches as blogs, hoping to introduce you … Continue reading

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Mumbai, Delhi and Me

Mumbai to Delhi: it’s been a fascinating journey. I’ve been a pakka Mumbaikar all my life—traveling in the crowded local trains daily from Borivli to Santacruz from the age of ten, munching the mouth watering vada pav at every possible … Continue reading

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Go for big, get the big!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been challenged with these thoughts: Aim higher. Dream bigger. Increase your faith.  In many a story Jesus commends people who have great faith and often rebukes those who lack faith. The Bible says, without faith it … Continue reading

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From what you have.

Two weeks into the New Year and some may have done pretty well with their resolutions; others may have given up already. Friends, we all want to do well in our lives, we’re all looking for a significant breakthrough or … Continue reading

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The year gone by – Our Family News 2013

Another year has gone by. We’ve experienced the goodness of God in many ways and would love to share our family news with you. Our annual family holiday was a highlight for us – we went to the very picturesque … Continue reading

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The Pattern of Love

A couple of weeks ago a few professionals gathered to look at the theme of love and had some wonderful insights . The Pattern of Love, we called the meeting. This is what we broadly agreed upon: Everyone needs love; it gives … Continue reading

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