The Deokuliar Journey – 2015

Another year has gone by. And it’s an opportunity for us to thank the Lord and the many people who have played a part in our journey as a family, as well as individually in our respective endeavors. Here’s a peep at what we’ve been upto.


Jackie (2)

decor (2)

As always, Jackie continues to be the homemaker par excellence. Whether it’s the Banoffee pie or the décor that makes our home a place to be. This year Jackie took on the role of Manager at The Dwaar Centre, bringing her expertise to handle multiple seminars, concerts, and workshops. With an increasing list of clientele she is relishing using her organising and PR skills.

She did a splendid job in putting together Samir’s fiftieth birthday surprise party too.

Jackie’s commitment to prayer, friendship and hospitality gives her the greatest fulfillment.

And she is still very cheeky!


The highlight for Akshay has been his alternative Rock group NORTH. Having launched their first album ‘Pieces of mind’ in February, they have performed at multiple venues in the city, done a tri-city tour and played at the famed Ziro music festival. He continues to enjoy his passion for music through learning piano and singing, composing and teaching. He has taken the lead in starting Dwaar Music Academy.  He now pursues his passion in acting by exploring theatre and film with a new found dedication.

He is our night owl who goes to bed when the rest are ready to rise.

And by the way, he’s now officially a graduate. Yep! BA English.


rach (2)For Rachna, this has been a year of fun and bloom. Blossoming in new found areas of creativity and competition. Whether slam poetry, inter-school debates or singing, it’s been a season of awards and acclaim.Academics has been hard work with early hours before exams, although it’s all chilling for the rest of the year. She now gears up for her 12th board exams early next year to prepare for her entry into university. How time flies.

And yes, fashion is her thing too with hours on the Pinterest board.



He turned fifty this year. A big highlight was the celebration with family and friends wishing him on his golden day, and a real surprise was a creatively put together video by his school classmates recalling moments of another era. Samir has found great joy in serving God and leading Dwaar which just celebrated its fifth anniversary. He continues to host the daily TV show ‘Ek Nayee Zindagi’ on SONY TV each morning.

This year saw him reignite his old passion of
charcoal sketching, with only five sketches so far, hope it does not die again. His jokes no longer bring the house down, in fact the family unanimously considers him no longer funny!

It was also wonderful to spend good times with our families this year. Samir’s parents were down for his 50th Birthday which was celebrated with many of the extended family and Jackie was happy to meet her entire family including her sister from Canada.


This has been a very eventful year. Through the many ups and downs, pains and joys all we can say is that we have been blessed and are grateful to God for his goodness.

Thank you once again for your support and friendship.

May the Lord bless you and may we together enter another year with faith and much expectation for the good things in store for us.

Keep smiling :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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