Striving for beyond

As we enter the New Year, the focus tends to move to “resolutions” and what we need to strive for in the coming year. The bigger question however is “Are you striving for beyond?”

Have a good look at the sketch and then have a go at what you think it’s trying to communicate and then read my explanation below:

striving for beyondYears ago I had a dream. A very vivid one which has stayed with me over the years. In the dream I found myself struggling to get through a small opening in a wooden fence. I so wanted to get to the other side that I kept pushing and sweating. And then the dream showed me a wonderful open gate just next to the hole. I felt like a fool. How I had struggled, and why did I go though that struggle when there was a clear open way for me.

The sketch captures the essence of that dream.

Through generations (depicted by the changing nature of keeping time) man has sought hard and worked hard to achieve much. Wine, women and wealth have given him momentary pleasure, at the time to reach the beyond, he faces a closed gate. He failed to notice an open stairway that leads him there. Even though it’s narrow and may have  a few thorns along the way. It’s still very beautiful and it gets you there.

You can climb high to get those mangoes or pluck the juicy ones given at your feet. You can strive for the beyond or receive it through the open door.

Grace is available. The choice is yours.


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4 Responses to Striving for beyond

  1. John says:

    Oh yes, you relate a lot to the present times. We strive hard to get going when you have an open door next.
    God bless


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