Urban Confusion

A few days in Shimla were the right inspiration to get back to sketching. After decades I got down to doing this pencil and charcoal work. I am posting this and my future sketches as blogs, hoping to introduce you to my style of art and communicate something through them.

So here goes.

Please dwell on the sketch. Interpret it for yourself and then read my explanation under the sketch. Would appreciate your comments and inputs.

Urban confusion

The urban setting has a seemingly clean table, picturesque with scholarly books. However, beyond the surface is confusion, questions and random partnerships. Toiletries and stationary live together; whisky and milk stand side by side with no qualms. The online world has broken into the clean table and changed the landscape forever.

The urban table is odd shaped, its creative, it has no legs, it hangs; something dark is holding it up and the money under it fuels its existence.

And yet, it’s sought after.

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15 Responses to Urban Confusion

  1. Great and very interesting Work Samir……….. people are made to be loved and things are made to be used…..but we started using people and love the things…………

  2. Dee says:

    luved your sketch.. My interpretation i guess is that with grown of Technology the books are getting over looked.. hence the big question mark on the book. Good going

  3. Deborah Rodriguez says:

    Too brilliant bhaiiya!! Toooooo!!
    Bless your anointed gift Samir
    Go often to shimla..

  4. Madhurpriya says:

    The sketch is very good, glad you put charcoal to paper. Urban life seems very cold and lonely and far from nature or people.

  5. Madhurpriya says:

    The sketch is very nice and I am happy you put charcoal to paper. Urban life seems cold and the urban world depicted seems very lonely and cluttered. The simple joys are missing completely and so is nature.

  6. preeti says:

    Well described sketch….. Life is small cities is not yet that fast as in metro’s…. Liked the sketch specially the hand ….trying to adjust with everything and yet complicated…and Facebook logo.

  7. Amit says:

    Good sketch..it’s much more deceptive than it looks. Good insight into the urban/ metro life.

  8. Nitika says:

    Very interesting read…the sketch is a true reflection of the world we live in…. Nice wrk… Luk fwd for more sketches :)

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