Looking For Freedom?

Looking for freedom? Freedom is a much talked about topic today—a desire and a destination. Everyone wants it, everyone seeks it, but do we really know what it is? Our attempts can often be external, superficial or misguided.

Through this sketch I attempt to go deeper.

Please dwell on it, interpret it for yourself, and then read my explanation under. I would greatly appreciate your comments and inputs.

freedom new

You’re looking for freedom, but bondage is what you experience. Whether the challenge of the iron bars, being pierced as a slave or clamped in chains.

You’re trapped.

There’s a lot of pain in bondage. You run and you run for freedom, but land up in the trap of addiction. And retire in tears.

But where can you run to?

There’s bondage everywhere: in the skies, the waters, the fields and the streets. The planets are bound in orbit, the sheep to the shepherd and the ship to the anchor. Even the commitment of marriage is a covenant of bondage. My friend, all bondage isn’t bad.

So whether the good, the bad or the ugly, you are bound in the circumstance of life, and freedom isn’t linked to these. True freedom is within you, a liberated soul.

Now go and fly!

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8 Responses to Looking For Freedom?

  1. Dilip pradhan says:

    Great Samir bhai, everything about meaningful life that peole are looking for but they ended in slavery its TRUE but there is another slavery that is in Christ which ended in abundant life. In your sketch you have explained everything. Keep it up.

  2. Michael Fernandes says:

    Very well done, Samir! Thought-provoking and excellent to initiate a discussion. I wondered if the sketch depicted a road paved with “good intentions”….

  3. Keith Dsouza says:

    Never knew you were such a superb writer, illustrator and an artist. Your blog is simple, narrative and exhibits clarity. Your sketches engaged me to think and ask myself a lot of questions. Well done Sameeer.

    • Thanks Keith
      There is indeed a lot to think about. Asking questions is a brilliant way to seek answers. I’m glad the sketch engaged you. May you be blessed with true Freedom always.

  4. Mithun Tayade says:

    The sketch is pretty amazing. Good job!!!
    Even the way you explained about freedom is very nice. I like the simplicity.

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