Could I do a Satsang?

Last week I experienced something amazing: a satsang.


I believe in Jesus and the Bible and I’ve always been active to see the glory of God in the church. The thought of a satsang in my spiritual journey didn’t ever cross my mind. I was educated in English and I grew up listening to western music. Could I do a satsang? My spiritual experience of worship too, used western instruments. Could I do a satsang?

Could I do a meeting with sitar and tabla?  It would be gloriously Indian, but would it glorify Jesus?

Satsang. ‘Sat’ means truth and ‘sang’ means company.

It’s the company of the truth—a company with an assembly of people who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth. Jesus said, “I am the truth.” Wow!

Somehow people have historically associated Jesus and Church meetings with the west.  But a satsang can be authentic. It can be traditionally Indian yet full of God and truth. It was such a joy to share the truth from the Bible at the first satsang we hosted at Dwaar, Delhi. The crowd gathered in a traditional Indian ambiance to sing bhajans with Sitar, tabla and flute. God’s presence echoed through the meeting and we were encouraged to walk with the Truth.

sat ke sang chalna. Jai ho!

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