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Merciful doctors extinct ?

  Barh  is a small town 75 kilometers from Patna I remember going there when I was very young and sitting in the clinic of Bade papa (big daddy), my uncle, Dr. S.P.Deokuliar—a very simple man with a big heart. He was a … Continue reading

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What’s your world view?

  Last week I hosted a discussion with a fine group of thinkers at a club in Delhi. Doctors, scientists, engineers, corporate guys, and journalists  gathered for an interactive time to look at how we can see genuine change in the … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Rain

  Years ago we were engrossed in studying Science and Geography. Do you remember the water cycle? I do. For me the image is still so clear in my mind. And I remember learning the big words – evaporation, condensation, … Continue reading

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Could I do a Satsang?

Last week I experienced something amazing: a satsang. I believe in Jesus and the Bible and I’ve always been active to see the glory of God in the church. The thought of a satsang in my spiritual journey didn’t ever cross my mind. … Continue reading

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