Have a laugh! The loving, stressed mother.

Have you ever carefully observed mothers? Almost all of them are just amazing.

They’re sensitive and loving, always thinking about you. They look after you when you’re ill,  protect you from all harm, cook your favourite dishes, provide for all your needs, and even stand up for you in front of the boisterous neighbours.

They ask loving questions: Did you sleep well? Did you eat your food? Did you take a bath? How’s your health? Whom are you meeting? When will you be back home? The list can go on and on.

Life would be so tough without caring mums. But many a times these loving questions turn into ones of anxiety and stress.

Watch the video. It captures the characteristic of a truly caring mom who’s just stressed to get the kids in line. If you’re a mum, have a laugh and just chill!

And if you’re a kid, have a laugh too—but understand that this flows out from a genuine heart that wishes the best for you. So be patient and be grateful that you have a mum!

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