‘C’ the difference – Leader essentials

Having a good leadership team is crucial. All of us know that. But getting a good team is a challenge. We wish for a perfect, ready-made team, but we must raise one.

Jesus gathered a group of men, spent time with them, and equipped them for the task ahead. The principles are still the same today.

I’ve spent much of my life training and raising men to carry responsibility. Here are the first two C’s to ‘C’ the difference:

1. Call and Confidence

We’re called by God. We’re called for a purpose. Do you know it? Those who know their purpose have a head start. Many people struggle with a lack of confidence that stems out of their low view of themselves, or a misplaced understanding of their identity. They struggle even though they’re gifted.

The starting point of success in leadership is ‘in the being’ and not ‘in the doing’.

2. Character 

Character is what makes a man. Called men need to live transformed lives, willing to say no to sin and yes to righteousness. We need to be honest and ask ourselves some tough questions:

Am I a loving husband and a good father? Am I controlling my tongue and avoiding all unwholesome talk? Am I resisting the pornographic sites? Do I handle money with integrity? Do I keep my word? Can I be trusted? 

As we focus on these, we develop our inner being, which is crucial for our leadership. Leaders who are respected and imitated are the ones with good character—the ones who are transparent, gracious, and generous.

Friends, our race is cut out for us: it’s not a sprint—it’s a marathon. Our good character will help us keep the course till the end. So let’s focus on our ‘being’. It is essential.


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