“C” the difference- Leader essentials 2



Leadership is about ‘people’. We are not primarily called to lead paper, projects, or organizations—we are called to lead people. Successful leaders understand this value.

Today we shall look at the next two C’s.

1. Care

In management circles much is spoken about leaders who are good at either tasks or maintenance, the latter focusing on relationships. Tasks are important but achieving them with a team is crucial. Good leaders care for people, not just tasks. Those who care have a stronger following.

Jesus is the good shepherd—he loved, cared, and even served his disciples. He knew leadership wasn’t about position, but about genuine love and understanding. He called his disciples friends. They felt so encouraged and challenged in his presence that they were willing to leave everything to follow him.

Are you a caring leader? Do people see you as someone who is interested in their well being or someone who is only interested in goals and numbers?

2. Chemistry

Good leaders work in a team. The chemistry between team players is crucial in the functioning of a good leader. Teams that can relate in a relaxed manner, have fun, and do social stuff together will also work with good chemistry.

All leaders have strong views and a team can have people with very strong and contrasting opinions. Good leadership is about taking all along. To keep the good chemistry, I have learnt that resolving conflict is essential. It isn’t easy but it’s needed. The following tips have helped me build and work effectively in various teams.

– Have a large heart, give the benefit of doubt to the other person

– Be willing to humble yourself and seek forgiveness when wrong

– Forgive the other team member and keep no grudges. Bitterness ruins the chemistry

– Resolve conflicts quickly; don’t linger; take the first step even if you were wronged

– Be honest and ‘speak the truth in love’—your opinion is important, but love is the greatest.

Bad relationships can entangle a good leader. Let’s resolve anything that’s still bothering us and never forget that leadership is about people. This is essential.

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