Anger can’t be controlled. Or can it?

We all get angry. We all fight and quarrel. Some express it with swearing and shouting, others with physical violence, and still others with a swollen grumpy face.

Two questions before us: Why do we get angry? And can we control our anger?

The Bible gives us a simple and clear answer as to why we get angry:You get angry because you do not get what you want.

It’s important to note that the reason is not the person who gets to your nerves, nor the situation around you—it’s you!

Once we realise this, the second question: Can we control it? Can it be better handled?

I have heard many say: ‘I just can’t control my anger’ Or: ‘I just cant help it.’ Or: ‘I don’t know what happens to me.’



Picture this: An office goer is in a mad hurry to get to office on time. He gets off from the second class compartment of the Mumbai Local train and scrambles to the edge of the platform. He wants to make sure he gets to the taxi stand before anyone else. In his hurry, all of a sudden, he bangs into a man and is pushed to one side. He is upset, really upset. He will not be the first at the taxi stand today. He is angry. Furious. He begins to shout and swear. He lunges forward to get hold of the man and is about to punch him. That’s when he notices the white and red cane in the culprit’s hand. He is blind. Suddenly the angry man melts. His disposition changes. His anger leaves him and he rushes to help the blind man. Something happened within seconds. The anger was controlled.

To all of us who say anger can’t be controlled—it can; it’s just that we don’t.

You and I need to train ourselves. We need to allow that something to happen to us when we are angry so that we can shift and correct our course.

If the office goer can do it, so can we. Let’s make an effort, shall we?

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