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That Poverty Line

There’s been a lot of talk about the poverty line in India. Some economists have come up with the figure of Rs 32, saying that if you earn below that amount per day, you are bracketed as a person living … Continue reading

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He Lit That Candle

Are you experiencing darkness? Life can be tough.Troubles and challenges stand before us each day. But the big problems we face aren’t the troubles in themselves but the discouragement that so easily grips us. I know people who, in the … Continue reading

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Our Crumpled but Valuable Life

  In this fast paced life, with the pressure of performance looming over our heads, challenges keep cropping up and voices keep pulling us down. There are moments we feel down—we feel we’re not good enough. We feel discouraged, worthless. … Continue reading

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Kids, Technology and Distraction

  Affluence, gadgets, and technology—these have a profound effect on our kids today. Our days were different—very different. We played hide and seek, catch and cook, dog and the bone, seven tiles, cricket, football. And we also climbed trees. With … Continue reading

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Get On That Bus Now

  “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up someplace else.”  — Berra, Yogi I liken this quote to us traveling by a public bus in any city, be it the B.E.S.T buses in Mumbai or the … Continue reading

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Tea and Somosas, anyone?

  Every day we’re faced with choices. We’re bombarded with questions that require simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Do you want your food served? – Is this the right direction to the airport? – Do you agree with this political decision? And our … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Tackle Worry

  Times are uncertain and the reasons to worry are high — whether it’s the challenge of your child’s admission in school, the rising cost of petrol, or the rising interest rates on your home loan. Inflation’s on the rise … Continue reading

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Run Milkha Run!

Last week my kids and I watched the Hindi film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, inspired by the life story of The Flying Sikh—Milkha Singh. India has never done well in athletics. But Milkha Singh?—He was an exception. He won 77 out of the 80 … Continue reading

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The City Paradigm

  What I’ve been hearing again and again over the last few years: If we genuinely want to see change in the nation, we need to see the cities influenced first. Three years ago, I moved to Delhi to help start … Continue reading

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Are you White, Black or Brown?

The US is facing another episode of potential racial tension. Just when we think race and colour are no longer issues, they come back to haunt us. Throughout history, the black communities in South Africa, America, and elsewhere, have faced atrocities … Continue reading

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